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According to Vortex Aquaponics,

“Aquaponics” the combination of Aquaculture (culture of fish) and Hydroponics (culture of plants without soil) integrated into a single agricultural system that works in many climates yielding an abundant amount of organic vegetation and edible fish.

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Why choose Vortex Aquaponics?

All of the materials that are used by aquaponics systems align with their eco-friendly vision and include

1. Vertical growing columns (Aquapot Vertical Towers): These are used for green leafy veggies and herbs2. Media Beds: For vines and larger crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, fruiting plants, and root vegetables3. Fish Tanks: For raising the fish of your choice4. Solids Collector: For keeping the system clean5. De-Gasser: For putting oxygen back into the system6. Water Pump: For pumping the water up to the top of the column and recirculating the water7. Air Pump: Provides oxygen for the plants and the fish 8. Dome Greenhouse or hoop house

Vortex aquapnics also has an education system where they teach school children how the system works and why it is important for our future.

These systems are already underway and being used to grow food. There are already 3 successful systems set up in Puerto Rico, China and Canada. The goal is to make these systems, widespread across the globe and supplement the demands for organic produce, while most likely over time wiping out other forms of agriculture that are not sustainable for our planet.

This goes that we do have the technology that is needed to ensure that no one goes hungry and we don’t have to be using the outdated and often destructive methods of industrial agriculture anymore. Times are changing and this system has the potential to transform the agricultural industry in a big way.

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We interviewed David about what is happening within the cabal and disclosure. He shared some incredible insight that is insanely relevant to today.

So far, the response to this interview has been off the charts as people are calling it the most concise update of what's happening in our world today.

Watch the interview here.
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July 18, 2018


Arjun Walia

Not long ago, Egyptian Archaeologists discovered a huge 2,000-year-oldsealed coffin, and as you’d imagine, they want to open it to see who or what is inside.

The sarcophagus was discovered in a tomb deep under the Egyptian city of Alexandria earlier this month (July 2018). It’s believed to be the largest sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria. It’s 9ft long, 5ft wide and 6ft deep, according to Mostafa Waziri, the general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Some scholars require that a true acronym be pronounceable as noted in the definition above and have a minimum of three letters. In 1962, Baum noted that the definition of acronym was becoming “blurred and confused” [ Mens Coleman Boots Dune London Looking For Cheap Price ozUzH6n3qK
]. In current usage, both initialisms and acronyms are often referred to as acronyms and two-letter terms are included. While there has been much discussion regarding the definition of acronym in comparison to other shortening devices such as abbreviations, word clippings, and word blends, these topics are beyond the scope of this study. They are, however, well documented in linguistics literature, and several examples are cited here [ 4 9 ]. For the purposes of this study, both acronyms and initialisms are included in the test data as well as two-letter terms, such as MS (multiple sclerosis).

The term “acronym” appears to have been coined in 1943 [ 10 ]. Although this term was first mentioned in 1943, initial-letter abbreviations have been used for some time. It has been noted that these types of abbreviations occurred during the Roman Empire, with SPQR used for Senatus Populusque Romanus [ 5 ]. While such historic initial-letter abbreviations are recorded, it is impossible to know whether readers of the day pronounced them as acronyms or as initialisms or, on seeing the letters, actually spoke the full phrase [ 9 ]. Use of acronyms and initialisms increased over time, particularly during and after World War II [ 5, checkered pattern blouse Black Lilly Sarti Store iAGoEf7
11 ].

In the present day, the use of acronyms and initialisms abounds in the English language throughout all aspects of both written and verbal communications. On any given day, acronyms and initialisms will be encountered in news reports and popular literature. The use of acronyms and initialisms has seeped into everyday conversations as well, for example, ASAP (as soon as possible), ETA (estimated time of arrival), and VW (Volkswagen). During a visit to a chat room, one may come across BRB (be right back), LOL (laughing out loud), or TTYL (talk to you later), among others.

This increase in the use of acronyms is also the case in the health sciences. In 1970, Britton observed that “in science, new words normally emerge in response to the need for novel, precise, and economical communication” and that the acronym is a result of the “need for economy and convenience of expression … usually formed from the initials of a phrase name” [ Outlet Cheap Authentic Mens Sweatshirt Jumper Pioneer Authentic Jeans Clearance Huge Surprise Cheap Newest Zq3OwVdUae
]. It is now rather unusual when a medical condition or procedure does not come with an associated acronym or initialism, for example, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), HRT (hormone replacement therapy), and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), to name just a few.

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